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On Saturday, June 17th, 2017, we heard from NASA engineers, astrophysicists, and space policy experts about how they need all of us to help shape the future of space exploration.

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The Schedule

Sponsors & Workshops

  • Oh Wow

    This space party was an official production of Oh Wow — a collective of artists and scientists who aim to make the universe a better place by bringing our community together through art and education. We are forever thankful to the following sponsors for heping us make this incredible event happen.

  • The Kentucky Science Center

    The Kentucky Science Center engaged attendees at their sponsorship booth, by sharing information on the resources they provide to our community, in addition to fun science workshops.

  • The Louisville Astronomical Society

    The LAS provided solar telescopes for views of the sun, handed out free solar glasses and provided workshops on the upcoming total solar eclipse.

  • Unbound

    Unbound is a software development company in Louisville, Kentucky. They debuted their incredible, new VR experience, Exosolar at the event.

  • Kertis Kreative

    Kertis Kreative believes there's always a story to tell. They contributed to telling ours by documenting the event, allowing us to share our story for years to come.

  • Leo Cast

    LeoCast helps organizations harness the power of today’s digital communication tools to tell their story to the world through video production and live event streaming. Thanks to LeoCast, we were able to live-stream the event around the globe, and we'll be able to re-tell our story through video for a lifetime.

  • The Louisville Science Meetup

    The idea for this conference was born at the Louisville Science Meetup, and many members contributed incredible volunteer efforts to make this event happen. They also built and operated the Voyager Listening Station booth, a huge success!

    The Louisville Science Meetup Voyager Listening Station

  • River City Rocketry

    The River City Rocketry team showed off their incredible, NASA-award-winning rocket.

    River City Rocketry discusses their Rocket with Stephen Watson